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newest Road Filling Truck

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16-Mar-2020 10:47 PM

SDZ5087TYHE vehicle and chassis technical parameters
Chassis of sinotruk,
Emission standards: country 5
Total mass (kg) 8280
The quality of the equipment (kg) is 6,500
Approaching departure Angle: 19/14
Wheelbase (mm) 3280
External dimension: 6250*2200*3200 (mm)
Chassis dimensions: 5865*2180*2450 (mm)
Maximum speed (km/h) 95
Engine power (km) 95
Front and rear suspension 1160/1810, 1160/1930
Fuel type diesel oil
Displacement (3760 ML)
Power system
The power system is powered by the chassis, without the auxiliary engine
18 kw power
Hot melt kettle
Volume (L) 500
Tank structure double layer insulation material
Ignition mode 100% safe control of electric ignition
Heat the heat conducting oil in a heating manner and heat the sealant to the required temperature within 30-45 minutes
The temperature range of 0 ℃ to 260 ℃
Non - intrusive asphalt pump
Heat conduction oil chamber volume 126L
Heater imported diesel burner
Temperature display adopts digital liquid crystal display
Melt capacity (l/h) 350
Hose 7 meters
Feeding tube heating method: electric heating is adopted to ensure the glue delivery system at 220V is smooth at any ambient temperature. When the material in the hot melt kettle reaches a certain temperature, the hose and nozzle will be heated automatically and keep constant temperature.
Material pumping means to pump delivery immediately
Suitable for sealing material sealant or asphalt
Lifting device
Carrying weight (Kg) 500
Other requirements
1. Hydraulic drive, with functions of resuction, lifting and unloading.newest Road Filling Truck

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