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Destination Wedding Packages in Hawaii | Honeymoon Packages in Hawaii

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Destination Weddings in Hawaii | Honeymoons in Hawaii


The fresh floral air energizes you.  The warm, tranquil waters refresh you.  The breathtaking natural beauty renews you.
There is no place on earth like Hawaii.  The six unique islands offer distinct experiences and will entice you.  

Hawaii will captivate you through its pristine beaches and lush tropical rain forests. Gently sway in the breeze on a white linen hammock with crystal blue waters spanning the horizon. Or enjoy the pulse of Waikiki winding through a myriad of delectable restaurants and limitless sho
Although Hawaii is a fabulous destination to explore year round, the very best time to see Hawaii is during the transition period between the dry season and the wet season; April and May or September and October. Peak season to the islands span from December to April as travelers flock to the sun during winter months. Hawaii is truly a destination with something for everyone to enjoy.

Explore the islands and discover your ideal travel experience.

By far the most popular island to visit and rightly named the "Gathering Place" Oahu also captivates the local population as four out of five Hawaii residents call Oahu home. World renowned Waikiki beach is nestled on Oahu's south shore, just minutes away from the bustling city of Honolulu. Oahu is home to Pearl Harbor, the pristine snorkeling cove of Hanauma Bay, and the infamous North Shore known for an unbeatable pipeline to surf in the winter months.

Oahu is an amazing destination with lots to offer; from beautifully designed five star resorts to secluded beaches and undisturbed towns. Judging Oahu from Waikiki is like judging the United States from New York. Yes, Waikiki is THE beach to see because of its spectacular beauty and pristine swimming conditions, but there is more to Oahu than this world renowned ocean front. That being said, Waikiki is the reason most people venture to Hawaii. Visitors have access to a variety of restaurants and shopping centers as well as catamaran tours and expansive beachfront. Waikiki is also host to many festivals and musical events, many of which can be found at the Waikiki Shell or in Kapiolani Park.

If you care to venture a few minutes away from Waikiki you may find yourself in downtown Honolulu. Here you can find the only Royal Palace within the United States, the Iolani Palace. Walk down to nearby King Street and you will find yourself in the lively streets of Honolulu's Chinatown. Be sure to explore the flutter of shops and open-air fruit markets.

Take a drive up to Oahu's North Shore and explore the funky surfing village of Haleiwa. Plenty of beaches abound in this area. Sunset beach is a great place to work on a tan while watching local surf stars hone their skills or Sharks Cove is a great snorkel spot where turtles frequent. Don't let the name fool you as there aren't any aggressive sharks at this beach, the main danger here is the large wave breaks during the winter months that can make the water unsafe to swim.


There is a magic to this island. You can feel it through the stunning beauty of the landscape. Known as the "Valley Isle" Maui is the second largest island of the Hawaiian archipelago. Less developed than Oahu, but more tourist friendly than the other isles, visitors can hike Haleakala National Park and explore Maui's seven sacred pools or tour the quaint town of Hana. Maui is an island that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing.

The historic whaling village of Lahaina sits on Maui's west coast. Stroll along Front Street to experience Lahaina restaurants, boutique shops, and art galleries. Lahaina nightlife is usually found near Front Street as well.

On the opposite end of Maui you will find the quaint town of Hana. The journey to Hana is an experience in itself with numerous hairpin turns and one-lane stone bridges (54 by most counts). Travel slowly and switch drivers often to enjoy the spectacular views of waterfalls, dense jungle, and rugged coastline along the winding road to Hana. Often regarded as one of the most beautiful drives in the world, the road to Hana is sure to be the highpoint of your trip.

Slightly southwest of Hana and poised at nearly ten thousand feet, there is no better spot to watch the sunrise than from the top of Haleakala Crater. It is an unforgettable experience. Since you are up early, you can also beat the midday heat and hike or bike throughout Haleakala National Park. Walk above clouds, explore lush, tropical jungle or view stark barren desert as the park spans across miles of rugged landscape and various climate zones.

Hawaii - The Big Island

The island of Hawaii is the eastern most and southern most of the Hawaiian Island chain and is larger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined.  Hawaii island is known as the Big Island to reduce confusion with the state and is the largest island in the US.

The Big Island provides a variety of unrivaled natural wonders.  The island is home to one of the world's last active volcanoes (Kilauea), the tallest sea mountain in the world at 33,000 feet (Maunakea), the most massive mountain in the world (Maunaloa) and the largest  park in the state of Hawaii (Volcanoes National Park).  With several different climate zones that generate lush rain forests to volcanic deserts and snow-capped mountains to black sand beaches, the Big Island can be a romantic getaway or a journey off the beaten path.

World class resorts, sandy beaches, sunset cruises and romantic day trips like hunting for waterfalls along the Hamakua Heritage Corridor, exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or sharing the unforgettable views at Pololu Valley Lookout make the Big Island a top honeymoon choice.


Kauai is geologically the oldest  of the main Hawaiian Islands.  In 1778, Captain James Cook arrived at Waimea Bay and became the first European to reach the Hawaiian Islands and during the reign of King Kamehameha, Kauai was the last island to join his "Kingdom of Hawaii".

Known as the "Garden Isle", Kauai embraces the senses like no other.  From the cliffs of the Napili Coast to scenic Waimea Canyon, exploring the island will provide settings you've only dreamed of.  With over 50 miles of beaches from Poipu Beach to Hanalei Bay and charming towns like Honopepe and Koloa (where no building can be taller than a coconut tree), Hawaii's "Island of Discovery" is just waiting to be explored.

The perfect place for a honeymoon, Kauai offers luxurious resorts with fine dining and world class spas.  Together with Kauai's lush vegetation and incredible scenery the island offers an unforgettable place to start your life together.


Lanai is the 6th largest of the Hawaiian Islands.  With a population of just over 3,000 and only one town, Lanai City, the island is comma shaped with a width of 18 miles in the longest direction. 
Lanai is commonly referred to as "Pineapple Island" because in 1912, James Dole purchased the entire island and developed most of it into the world's largest pineapple plantation for the Hawaiian Pineapple Company (later re-named the Dole Food Co.)

Lanai is away from the crowds and hustle of everyday life, a destination of untouched tranquility - a true getaway.  There are two Four Season Resorts on the island as well as the historic "Hotel Lanai" in Lanai City.  The island has two golf courses and plenty of impressive scenery.  Lanai certainly isn't for everyone, but many fall in love with it.


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