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Online Booking Engine Traditional Agent AAH Specialist
Group Travel Coordination No, although some online booking engines allow you to create groups, you are in charge of coordinating it. No, most traditional agents do not have experience with group rates and prefer not to try it. Yes. AAH specializes in destination weddings and so does many groups.
Expert Destination/Hotel Advice No. Online Booking Engines will provide you with small pictures and brief descriptions but no advice on the ideal location. No. Traditional agents have historically been order takers and will book you to where you have chosen. Yes. AAH is most interested in finding the perfect location for your ideal wedding. You will look at many options with AAH.
Assistance with Wedding Coordinator No. Online sites do not know or care if this is a destination wedding, just gives you the ability to book travel. No. Traditional agents are not in the wedding industry. They may give you a contact at the resort and then leave it to you. Yes. AAH is in the wedding industry and understands that your travel needs are a small part of the package. AAH will make sure you are able to plan all of the onsite details as well as your travel arrangements.
Step-by-step Planning a Destination Wedding Guide No No Yes, AAH will provide you with a guide that includes tips, timelines and FAQs to help assist you plan the perfect wedding.
Pre, During and Post Travel Support You can try that 800 number on their site. Maybe during their business hours. Yes, AAH not only provides ongoing support but is also your advocate should there be an issue during any part of your travel.
Group Pricing, Resort/Hotelier Blocking No, online engines will sometimes allow you to book as a group but will not allow you to block out rooms for your guests. No, most agents are not familiar with the special items a wedding party may need. Yes, AAH will help you to get bulk travel rates and will work with the destination to ensure an adequate amount of rooms up front.
Accommodation of Special Requests and Working to Create Perfect Day for Couple No No Yes. AAH will work with location to help ensure special requests are handled and will work with couple to ensure everything is perfect.
Price Same. Travel packages are the same for everyone. Same. Travel packages are the same for everyone. Same or better. AAH will work to get you group rates, which may reduce individual prices.

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